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Friday, December 2, 2011

Nutrition and the BrainI have been flying through the last two courses of my RNH studies. The information is so exciting and gravitating but the one area that really got my attention is how Nutrtion affects the brain.
It really opened my eyes. When our nutrition is poor we can all understand how it can physically affect our liver , heart etc, but most of us don't realize what great affects bad nutrition can have on our brains. If our brains are not functionally ideally the symptoms are endless and the consequences can be very vast as our brain controls our thoughts, decisions and actions.
Brain health is fully dependent on good nutrition. We often judge people with mental illness and see them in a different light than those that may have heart disease or kidney disease, but the brain is just one more organ that needs specific nutrients in order to operate optimally.
It really made me wonder about all the people locked up in prison and institutions, and all the school kids that are controlled with Ritalin. How much does nutritional deficiences and toxic exposures play in where they are now? I think it's time to bring nutrition education to the forefront.
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Do You Treat Your Car Better Than Your body? As I further myself in my studies I just can't stress enough how taking a few steps towards a healthier lifestyle and diet can take you leaps towards preventing disease.
It may be true that some disease falls in one's lap but for the most part we create disease. Our bodies are absolutely amazing and if we really knew the damage and hardship that we submit to our bodies on a daily basis I think that we would all think twice about our lifestyle and our diet.
Could you imagine owning a Lamborghini...never changing the oil, using dirty fuel, and driving it off-road on a daily basis and than complaining when it starts to spit and sputter and break down?
Our bodies handle all the neglect and abuse way better than any vehicle or machine because our bodies have the ability to repair themselves. We have a whole staff of housekeepers, armed guards and repairmen on duty 24/7. If we overload our staff things start to pileup. Have you seen the show Hoarders?
If you want to learn the simple steps that you and your family can take to ease the load your body give me a call.

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