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XL Vitality is a business that enables families and individuals to improve there health and wellness through education and guidance of proper nutrition, supplementation with our health services, healthy lifestyle choices can be made. We use live and dry blood analysis, blood typing and lifestyle/nutrition assessments to determine what recommendations will be most beneficial to each client in order for them to create optimal health.  A live blood test takes only a few minutes of time, then you will see what you have been missing!


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Live and dry Blood Analysis, has been practiced now for over 100 years. It was developed in Germany by scientists and doctors. LBA gives a unique perspective on an individual's health by viewing nearly invisible micro-organisms in the blood, the red blood cells , the immune system white cells and a host of other elements floating in the plasma of your blood.  DBA will give us insights to organ health, nutrition and structure health.  The combination of the analyzing of he two slides is a powerful way to assess the overall balance of your internal terrain which allows us to see where your health program needs to start in order for you to reach your optimal health.


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